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CPC Blog: Posts made in May, 2011

Recommended Reading

Periodically members and staff recommend books and invite discussion in this blog. Javier Galvez, M.D. recommends Priscilla Roth, Alessandra Lemma, and R. Horacio Etchegoyen, editors, “Envy & Gratitude Revisited.” Dr. Galvez writes: Fifty years  after the  publication of Klein’s seminal “Envy and Gratitude,” an outstanding group of contemporary analysts, including Ronald Britton, Irma Benman-Pick, Michael […]

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Psychoanalysis And New Media

Two messages regarding the benefits of psychodynamic therapy were available to audiences recently, one created and presented by traditional media, in this case, National Public Radio (NPR), while the other is a product of new media.  If you are a regular listener to NPR in the morning, you probably heard the story entitled “Shop for […]

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Mini-Lecture, “Heroes in the Nursery”

The Mini-Lecture for May was “Heroes in the Nursery,” presented by Carl Rak, Ph.D.  The title of this lecture evokes a classic paper, “Ghosts in the Nursery,” by Selma Fraiberg, but instead of focusing on negative influences, Dr. Rak presented three cases in which a positive influence enabled at-risk youth to overcome the psychological challenges […]

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