Board of Directors and Staff

Board of Directors

Victoria A. Vermes, LPC, President (2019)

Catherine (Catey) Peters, Treasurer (2019)

Judith Pitlick, LPSCC, Secretary (2019)

Devra Adelstein, LISW-S (2021)

Michael S. Bull (2019)

Colleen Coakley, LISW-S (2019)

Patrick Enders, M.D (2020)

Beatrice B. Griffin, LISW (2020)

Richard Grossberg, M.D. (2020)

Denise Kramer (2020)

Richard Lightbody, M.D. (ex-officio) Chair, Education Committee

Louis F. Ramirez, M.D. (2019)

Trisha Stacks, D.O. (2020)

Catherine Sullivan, LISW (2021)

Elisabetta Supperchi (2019)


Debbie Morse, Administrative Coordinator

216-229-5959 x.103,

Amy M. Crognale, Librarian and Webmaster

216-229-5959 x.102 – (Thursday and Friday or by appointment)


Olga Davis, Accountant

216-229-5959 x.104

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