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A Cleveland Psychoanalytic Center for Today and Tomorrow

In a fast-paced, multi-tasking world, psychoanalysts work with each person as a complex individual with thoughts and feelings, a unique history, and a story worth being told and heard.  Psychoanalysts listen. They base their approach to treatment on the existence of a mind, as well as a brain. The unique form of insight-oriented therapy they practice is the basis for many other kinds of talking therapy in use today.

The Cleveland Psychoanalytic Center and its forerunner organizations have been helping local therapists to listen better for nearly sixty years. Through its education and training programs, library, referral services, resources for members, and collaboration with other community groups, the Center is dedicated to keeping the mind in mind.

There are many ways to support the Cleveland Psychoanalytic Center, both financially and with contributions of time and expertise.  Here are some our favorites:

2018 Code of Regs

As a non-profit organization, the Cleveland Psychoanalytic Center relies on the generosity of its supporters to provide services today and sustain our mission in the future.  Your gift, in any amount, will be help keep psychoanalysis and its various applications alive for the students, patients, mental health professionals, and community members who benefit from the breadth of services that the Center provides.

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to the Cleveland Psychoanalytic Center today.

Give for Today…The Annual Fund

Your gift to the Cleveland Psychoanalytic Center’s Annual Fund will be a tax-deductible contribution to the annual operating expenses of the Center.  With a paid staff of one full time administrator and two part-time personnel, the Center is supported by membership and Friends’ dues, program fees, endowment income, and private donations.  In addition, the Centers members and other supporters donate hundreds of hours annually to carry out its mission, including teaching, consulting, referral services.  Please start an annual habit and give to our Annual Fund today.

Give for Tomorrow…A Legacy for the Life of the Mind

A Distinguished Past, A Vital Future

The Cleveland Psychoanalytic Center and its forerunner organizations have been helping local therapists to listen better for decades, while growing our connections with the Greater Cleveland locale.  The Center carries out its mission of promoting the development and use of psychoanalysis for the benefit of the community through professional and community educational programs, referral and consultation services and collaborative work with other community organizations.

There have been many advances in medicine and in the treatment of emotional disorders in the more than half-century since psychoanalysis began in Cleveland, but one thing has not changed:  the commitment of the Cleveland Psychoanalytic Center to keep the whole person at the center of health care and mental health treatment.  A bequest to the Center can help ensure that psychoanalysis and related forms of therapy will be available to the people of northeast Ohio for generations to come.

Preserve the Legacy by Including the Center in Your Will

The process of developing a will includes determining those persons and causes that you want to benefit from your estate.  You can use your will to transfer your assets to your surviving spouse, children and grandchildren and to designate special friends or charitable organizations that should receive the assets from your estate.  A bequest through your will allows you to make a gift to the Cleveland Psychoanalytic Center after you have taken care of loved ones.  Assets left to the Center are removed from your taxable estate, thereby reducing the estate taxes that may be payable by your estate.

Bequest income received from the Alva Bradley II Fund at the Cleveland Foundation has long been an important source of operating income for the Center and its predecessor organizations.  The Center has reserve funds held for it by the Brian and Dora Bird Foundation.  As part of its $1.25 million Campaign for the Life of the Mind, the Center seeks to a in Endowment Funds. Interest from the combined fund will allow the organization to meet current and future operating needs.  Funds donated to an Endowment Fund are not spent.  Rather, the earnings are used to provide an ongoing source of financial support.

Ways of Supporting the Center Through a Bequest

It is simple to add a charitable bequest to your will.  A codicil drafted by your attorney can be used to make simple changes or additions to your current will in the following ways:

  • Make a specific bequest of cash, stocks, bonds or real estate.
  • Make a residual or percentage bequest leaving the Center a remainder or percentage of your estate.  This is an excellent method of providing assets to both charities and heirs.
  • Create a contingent bequest to the Center should your designated beneficiaries not survive you.

Bequests can also be incorporated into any trusts you may establish to distribute the property in your estate.

Other Ways to Donate to the Cleveland Psychoanalytic Center

There are also ways you can support the Cleveland Psychoanalytic Center without changing your will.

Beneficiary Designations

People often have an individual retirement account (IRA) in a portfolio along with stocks, bonds and real estate.  Making the Center the beneficiary of an IRA can help you achieve your philanthropic goals while maintaining other assets to benefit your heirs.  The value of any distribution from an IRA to an heir will be reduced by income tax and sometimes estate tax.  However, because the Center is a 501(c)(3) charity, naming it as the beneficiary of your IRA will exempt the distribution from any tax.

Life Insurance

Name the Center the beneficiary of your life insurance policy; transfer actual ownership of your policy to the Center; or, purchase a new policy for the Center’s benefit.  Your gift will be tax deductible and, if the Center owns the policy, your future premium payments may also be tax deductible.

Legacy Society

To honor those who have planned for a gift to the Cleveland Psychoanalytic Center, the Center has created a Legacy Society.  Recognition in this Society is open to all those who make a provision for the Cleveland Psychoanalytic Center through a will or trust or who make any type of deferred gift to the Center.   Members will be invited to special events from time to time.

Most important, they will have the satisfaction of knowing that they are leaving a legacy that will continue to provide support for the Cleveland Psychoanalytic Center in perpetuity.

For questions about the Legacy Society or about making a bequest to the Center, or to notify us that you have made a provision for the Center as part of your estate planning, contact Board Treasurer, Mr. Jerry Musbach, at at the Cleveland Psychoanalytic Center at (216) 229-5959.
Thank you for supporting the Cleveland Psychoanalytic Center in whatever ways you choose.

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