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Post-Deployment Mental Health

A thought-provoking article in New York Magazine reports on alarming rates of mental illness among soldiers returning from the Middle East, and questions the efficacy of the therapies available to them.

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Eleanor Galenson, Expert on Children’s Sexuality, Dies at 94

Dr. Galenson was a professor of psychiatry at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and the Mount Sinai Medical Center in  New York. Read the New York Times obituary here. Dr. Galenson and a colleague, after observing and documenting the actions of infants, concluded that children make the discovery of genital difference between the ages of 15 to […]

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An Editor’s Choice

The current web-site of the International Journal of Psychoanalysis contains a delightful (for me) interview with Owen Renik, former editor of the Psychoanalytic Quarterly and generally perceived as a controversial firebrand in our field.  The interview attempts to elucidate the main ideas Renik proposes in his book “Practical Psychoanalysis” and to get a clear picture […]

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Before Divorcing

The Family Editor of the Cleveland Jewish News, Ellen Schur Brown, recently asked me what couples should consider before deciding to divorce.  She included some of my comments in an article, “Before Divorcing” that appeared in the CJN. Collectively, the attorneys, rabbi, and marriage and family therapist that Brown interviewed echoed similar refrains: Divorce is […]

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