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November Challenges Lecture with Erin O’Brien

Erin O’Brien Development News Editor, Fresh Water Cleveland Presents “Leaving Las Vegas: the Aftermath” Lifelong Clevelander Erin O’Brien will talk about how the tragedy of her brother John’s 1994 suicide and the nuanced aftermath led her to the keyboard. The former Cleveland Scene columnist will also discuss a writing life lived mostly in the trenches […]

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CWRU Hosts Association of Recovery Schools Annual Conference

The University Counseling Services and its division of Prevention & Recovery Services of CWRU is very excited to offer a Continuing Education opportunity for mental health professionals and scholars interested in issues relating to addiction, recovery and education in young adults. You are invited to the CWRU campus on July 20 -22, 2011 for the […]

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Is it Internet “Addiction?”

A recent New York Times article entitled, “Miss G.: A Case of Internet Addiction,” by Virginia Heffernan asks if we are using the word “addiction” too easily to describe behavior that might be called something more benign, say a “passion.”   Can a person be addicted to opera, or novels?  Another blogger, John M Grohol, […]

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A Recovery High School, Cont’d.

On Sunday, February 20th, the Plain Dealer carried a front-page story on the rising rate of deaths due to accidental drug overdoses.  The article reveals that about one quarter of the overdose deaths in Cuyahoga County in 2009 were people 30 years or younger, and carried the story of a sixteen-year-old heroin user who sought […]

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A Recovery High School for Cleveland

A little more than 30 years ago, there was no inpatient treatment for adolescents in trouble with alcohol and drugs.  Those of us working with teens saw the “60’s” drug use trickle down to our adolescent clients and patients. While Greater Cleveland had several excellent adult facilities, none of them could or would take adolescents […]

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