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Cleveland Psychoanalytic Center Presents Vera Camden, Ph.D.

On May 18, 2012 Vera Camden, Ph.D. will deliver a lecture entitled, “Harry Potter: A Touch of Evil and the Triumph of Love in Harry Potter.” Vera Camden will be talking about trauma as parasite. She will discuss the role of skin in the parasitic relationship as the skin no longer protects the body but the skin […]

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A Recovery High School in Northeastern Ohio

A recent article in the Plain Dealer profiled Recovery House, a university-owned student residence on the campus of Case Western Reserve University for students in recovery from substance abuse.  Recovery House was opened in 2004 and is part of a small but growing trend among colleges and universities to provide a supportive environment for students […]

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Tragedy in Chardon

The tragedy in Chardon schools raises in us the horrible feelings of loss of loved ones and the loss of safety.  We love our children; their loss is painful and deeply felt by all of us.  Adolescence is sometimes a difficult time in the life of teens, and deep feelings can be stirred up by […]

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New Books At The Cleveland Psychoanalytic Center Library

Listed below are books received in the CPC Library this fall.  Most of these were recommended for purchase by our members. We hope you will find something interesting to borrow over the holidays.  Sustaining Psychoanalysis: International Symposium, Master Class of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy. Seoul: Korean Association of Psychoanalysis, 2011.  BF173.K6 S8 2011 This symposium catalog, acquired […]

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CWRU Hosts Association of Recovery Schools Annual Conference

The University Counseling Services and its division of Prevention & Recovery Services of CWRU is very excited to offer a Continuing Education opportunity for mental health professionals and scholars interested in issues relating to addiction, recovery and education in young adults. You are invited to the CWRU campus on July 20 -22, 2011 for the […]

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Mini-Lecture, “Heroes in the Nursery”

The Mini-Lecture for May was “Heroes in the Nursery,” presented by Carl Rak, Ph.D.  The title of this lecture evokes a classic paper, “Ghosts in the Nursery,” by Selma Fraiberg, but instead of focusing on negative influences, Dr. Rak presented three cases in which a positive influence enabled at-risk youth to overcome the psychological challenges […]

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The Cleveland Course on the Technique of Child & Adolescent Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy.

For a first time, in 2009-2010, the Subcommittee on Child Analysis, which is an arm of the Education Committee of the Cleveland Psychoanalytic Center and of which I am the Chair, offered to the professional community a course entitled, “Technique of Child and Adolescent Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy,” TCAPP, in shorthand. It ran for 20 weeks, September, […]

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Is it Internet “Addiction?”

A recent New York Times article entitled, “Miss G.: A Case of Internet Addiction,” by Virginia Heffernan asks if we are using the word “addiction” too easily to describe behavior that might be called something more benign, say a “passion.”   Can a person be addicted to opera, or novels?  Another blogger, John M Grohol, […]

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CPC and the Cleveland International Film Festival

The 2011 Cleveland International Film Festival runs from March 23rd through April 4th.  The Cleveland Psychoanalytic Center has participated in the Film Festival for three years by supporting, introducing, and leading discussions of films. This year the members and Friends of the CPC are supporting a film from Spain entitled, “ELISA K.”  The film will […]

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A Recovery High School, Cont’d.

On Sunday, February 20th, the Plain Dealer carried a front-page story on the rising rate of deaths due to accidental drug overdoses.  The article reveals that about one quarter of the overdose deaths in Cuyahoga County in 2009 were people 30 years or younger, and carried the story of a sixteen-year-old heroin user who sought […]

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