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Summer Reading

   Burnham, John. After Freud Left: A Century of Psychoanalysis in America. University of Chicago Press, 2012   Leading historians of psychoanalysis and cultural history interpret the rise and fall of psychoanalysis amid twentieth century American cultural, social, and intellectual movements. Beginning in the introduction with the premise that, ”ideas have consequences,” the essays explore […]

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The Resurrection of Agency from the Ashes of War: A Son as Therapist of his Father

Jonathan H. Slavin, Ph.D., ABPP Department  of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School Dr Slavin will present a detailed clinical account of the treatment of a young man suffering massive psychic pain and immobilization. The treatment will be presented through excerpts from recorded sessions. During the course of this treatment the frozen father-son relationship began to transform […]

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Psychoanalysis and the Graphic Memoir

I have asked Valentino Zullo to start an ongoing blog on matters of literary and cultural interest to the psychoanalytic community. Valentino Zullo is a graduate of Kent State University, department of English where he took many courses on literature and Psychoanalysis and worked as my research assistant. Currently he is finishing his Masters degree […]

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