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Candidate Connection: Psychoanalysis in the Neighborhood

  The Candidate Connection is an APsaA newsletter written by and for candidates. This year two candidates from the Cleveland Psychoanalytic Center, Valentino “Luca” Zullo and Danielle Dronet, are co-editors, and their first issue, entitled “Psychoanalysis in the Neighborhood” is devoted to community psychoanalysis. Danielle and Luca are the founders of Siggy’s Village, a community garden and […]

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Video: Psychoanalysis For All

Colleagues: Here is a provocative video for our consideration on psychoanalysis in the social “fabric”–witty, charming, stylish—sent by a creative candidate member of the Italian Psychoanalytic Society, Davide Rosso, who wrote and performed in the video. The title, “Das Heimlich” is derived from Freud’s 1919 essay “Das Unheimlich.” In the comments, the author refers us to Quinodoz, […]

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