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Upcoming Events at the CPC in May

We would like to inform you of three special events in May. On Wednesday, May 1st there is a Friends Mini-Lecture with Marc Jaffe.  Mr. Jaffe, whose wife is a physician with Parkinson’s Disease, will speak about the challenges of living with the disease. When Marc Jaffe’s wife was diagnosed with Parkinson’s at age 48, […]

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Mini-Lecture, “Heroes in the Nursery”

The Mini-Lecture for May was “Heroes in the Nursery,” presented by Carl Rak, Ph.D.  The title of this lecture evokes a classic paper, “Ghosts in the Nursery,” by Selma Fraiberg, but instead of focusing on negative influences, Dr. Rak presented three cases in which a positive influence enabled at-risk youth to overcome the psychological challenges […]

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Healthy Bereavement

Healthy grief requires a multidimensional fluidity because it is multidetermined.  The relative maturity of the mourning depends upon the biologic age of the mourner, the nature of the bond with the lost object, and by the existing defenses and psychic structures at the time of the loss.  It depends on representation, recollection, reconstruction, internalization, symbolization, […]

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