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Essay Contest Winner at the Cleveland Psychoanalytic Center

Join us to hear Nanette Auerhahn, Ph.D. present the winning essay for the 2016 CPC Essay contest. Dr. Auerhahn”s essay, “’I Could Eat You Up’: Philomela, Trauma and Enactment,” explores the question of how trauma that is neither symbolized nor represented in some other fashion is made known to one’s self and others. Dr. Auerhahn […]

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Nanette Auerhahn, Ph.D. Wins 2016 CPC Essay Prize

The CPC Prize Essay Committee is pleased to announce that the winning essay for 2016 is “’I Could Eat You Up’: Philomela, Trauma and Enactment,” submitted by Nanette Auerhahn, Ph.D. Some of you may recall that Dr. Auerhahn received our prize in 2011 for her essay -“Evolution of Traumatic Narratives: Impact of the Holocaust on […]

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