About Us

The Cleveland Psychoanalytic Center has long been one of Cleveland’s best- kept secrets. It has quietly provided internationally recognized psychoanalytic training for the past 60 years. Its graduates have provided psychoanalytic treatment to the residents of northeast Ohio, and have been leaders within the academic and organizational worlds of psychoanalysis.

During the last two decades, our mission has expanded from psychoanalytic training and professional development to a more inclusive concern for the wide- ranging contributions of psychoanalysis to the Cleveland community. The membership has changed from medical to varied clinical and academic practitioners, reflecting the fact that psychoanalysis is an inclusive discipline receiving contributions from the wider clinical and academic communities. We provide training to committed professionals from diverse backgrounds who find common ground in their commitment to understanding the ways that psychoanalysis can enhance their practices and their professions.

The mission of the Cleveland Psychoanalytic Center is to promote the development and use of psychoanalysis for the benefit of the community.

Located in the Cedar-Fairmount neighborhood of Cleveland Heights, the Cleveland Psychoanalytic Center is a non-profit organization formed from the merger of the former Cleveland Psychoanalytic Institute and Cleveland Psychoanalytic Society. The Center is both a membership organization and a psychoanalytic training institute, accredited by the American Psychoanalytic Association. We are supported in that mission by private contributions (Link to the donate page or form), membership dues, tuition, and program fees. Our programs include:

Education and Training

  • Psychoanalyst Training Program (PTP) – Post-graduate training that prepares candidates for the practice of Adult and Child/Adolescent Psychoanalysis
  • Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Program (PPP) – A one-year program of seminars and clinical supervision for advanced mental health practitioners
  • Continuing Education programs for Physicians, Psychologists, Counselors and Social Workers
  • Paper presentations, lectures, discussions, workshops and cultural events
  • A library containing over 6,000 volumes

Referral for evaluation, psychodynamic therapy, and psychoanalysis for

  • Consultation and collaboration with schools, social service agencies, and other adults, adolescents and children community organizations

Membership and Affiliation

  • Professional membership organization for psychoanalysts
  • Affiliate Membership for interested persons